The 7 Worst Soft Drinks for your Teeth

7 worst soft drinks for teeth

These beverages are refreshing, but they can have adverse long-term effects for your enamel. See the full list of the 7 worst soft drinks for your teeth.

People generally concern themselves with the effects soft drinks can have on their weight and general health. But numerous studies have shown that soft drinks are also pretty bad for your teeth. This is largely due to their high content of acidic substances, sugar, and calcium.

All soft drinks have proven to be harmful, according to research published in General Dentistry. The heavy amounts of acid found in soft drinks wear away the enamel that protects teeth from decay. When determining the most harmful drinks, pH levels do not always automatically determine the list. Other factors like the type of acid present (citric or phosphoric) also play a role according to a study conducted by Southern Illinois University’s Poonam Jain and colleagues.

enamel diagram 7 worst soft drinks for teeth
Heavy amounts of acid wear away enamel.

The research involved immersing tooth enamel samples in various beverages for 15 minutes and then in saliva for two hours. The process was repeated four to five times a day (with fresh saliva every time) to simulate constant drinking of soft drinks.

Results showed that the 7 worst soft drinks for your teeth (those that eroded more than 5 percent of enamel weight during the experiment) are:

Coca Cola

coca cola worst soft drinks for teeth
M. Unal Ozmen /


pepsi cola
urbanbuzz /

RC Cola

rc cola
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surge soda worst softdrinks

7 Up

7 up
Darios /

Diet 7 Up

diet 7 up

We’re sorry if some of your favorite drinks are on this list. Naturally, this doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether. And even the drinks that didn’t make the top 7 are still harmful for teeth. In fact, the study found that damage to enamel is evident after only five days of exposure to sports and energy drinks.

Your best bet is to choose your drinks wisely and consume soft drinks sparingly. When you do, be sure to brush your teeth or at least rinse our your mouth afterward in order to remove corroding traces of the beverage.

Are these the beverages you were expecting to see on the list of the 7 worst soft drinks for your teeth? Let us know in the comments below!

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